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Charby Sense - Buy 4 Free 1 (Family Bundle)

  • Auto disconnect at full battery makes charging electronic devices overnight safe & extend battery life
  • 2.4A faster charging with thicker wiring; USB 2.0 480MBps data transfer speed
  • Aramid Fiber reinforced for 3x durability
  • Premium Nylon braided tangle-free & easily coiled
  • 2-sided Smart LED to alert slow charging speed & when power is off
  • 2x charging speed on PC with Charge Booster button
  • 20% longer (1.2m / 4ft)
  • Reversible USB A 2.0 Connector
  • 1 year warranty with shipping covered
  • With users from over 70 countries

Cosmo Black // USB-C – out of stock

RM276.00 RM495.00

12 months warranty

12-Months Warranty

Receive within 3- 14 days

Receive in 3-14 Days


RoHS Certification


FCC Certification


CE Certification



Charby Sense

USB charging cable – Auto Disconnect Cable

Prolong Battery Life While You Sleep

Auto disconnect power completely when the battery is full. Enjoy safer charging and longer lasting battery while you enjoy your sleep—overnight charging dilemma no more.

PeakCharge Technology

Ensuring that you charge faster in every situation: with 2.4A max speed, Charge Booster to 2x charging speed on PC, and LED to alert you when a power source is slow.

Super Durable & Easy to Keep

Aramid Fiber reinforced Charby Sense is 3x stronger than ordinary cables (able to withstand over 15000 bends without any damage).  Plus, with Premium Nylon braiding, it’ll never get tangled and is easy to coil, store, and carry anywhere. It’s virtually hassle-free.

Smart LED for Smart User

With LED on both sides, you’ll always immediately know before you leave your phone plugged in for the night without powering on. Disaster averted.

Grease Your Day Smooth

It can hardly go wrong with daily routines that sail along without friction. Plugging your cable, goes in on first try. Using phone while charging, doesn’t get restricted by a short cable. And most importantly, never wake up to your phone uncharged.

*Comes with 1 year warranty; replacement’s shipping fee is FREE; contact for our friendly support!


What’s in the box:

5 x Charby Sense cable package;
Each package comes with 1 x Charby Sense Cable; 1 x cable strap; 1 x warranty card; 1 x user manual

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    Tang Wen Lin (verified owner)

  2. Avatar

    Zachary (verified owner)

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Indispensable for charging hands-free sets, headphones and similar stuff that, although expensive, does not have overcharging problem.

    Charby Sense - Micro USB to USB Cable for Android Phone 4 ft (1.2m)Charby Sense – Micro USB to USB Cable for Android Phone 4 ft (1.2m)

  4. Avatar

    Jim (verified owner)

  5. Avatar

    Lori (verified owner)

  6. Avatar

    Gabriele Seleri (verified owner)

    after testing your product, I’ve eliminated a lot of “painful” cables… Really satisfied!

    Charby Sense - USB C to USB A Cable for Android Phone 4 ft (1.2m)Charby Sense – USB C to USB A Cable for Android Phone 4 ft (1.2m)

  7. Avatar

    Jim (verified owner)

  8. Avatar

    Alan Couper (verified owner)

  9. Avatar

    Alan Couper (verified owner)

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    Gerhard Limnios (verified owner)

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    Anuar Abdul Aziz (verified owner)

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    Joseph Williams (verified owner)

  13. Avatar

    Jonathan Saini (verified owner)

  14. Avatar

    Carmen Talerico (verified owner)

    The cable works great and as expected. However, if you use it at night, like I do, you can expect the battery to drain a few percent. This is just due to the cable shutting off power to the phone. I would guess if the phone was turned off during charging the battery would probably be at 99-100%. I have only been using the cable for a couple of weeks, so I cannot speak of the longevity of this cable.

    Charby Sense - Micro USB to USB Cable for Android Phone 4 ft (1.2m)Charby Sense – Micro USB to USB Cable for Android Phone 4 ft (1.2m)

  15. Avatar

    Jim Hopkins (verified owner)

    This is definitely a 5-star product. The only change in features that I would like to see would be an option to stop charging at less than 100%, for instance, stopping at 95% or so. This would avoid the ongoing charging period after the phone is reporting 100%. Not a big deal, and I have no idea if it’s even technically possible… but if it is possible, then I’d like to see that option.

    Charby Sense - USB C to USB A Cable for Android Phone 4 ft (1.2m)Charby Sense – USB C to USB A Cable for Android Phone 4 ft (1.2m)

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