Charge Everything Duo - Charby Edge Pro + Charby Pico

[Bundle includes]: Universal 6-in-1 cable & 65W 3-Port GaN Charger
[Perfect on-the-go duo]: 1 cable & 1 GaN charger for any USB-C laptops OR USB-C/Lightning/Micro USB devices. So you only need a pair of them to charge everywhere.
[Charge everything]: both cable & GaN charger can charge all 65W and below laptops, smartphones, and even Bluetooth accessories, regardless of USB types.
[Yes, they’re fast too]: support PD3.0, Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0/2.0, Apple 2.4A, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, MediaTek PumpExpress.
[No travel facepalm]: even when there’s only 1 outlet that’s in an awkward location, you can charge comfortably with a 6.5ft cable, and have a charger that powers 3 devices at once.
[As advance as it gets]: a Gallium Nitride powered charger. And the first-ever Detachable Adapter with a hybrid connector (2 USBs in 1 connector).
[What you get]: 1x Charby Pico, 1x Charby Edge cable, 1x Edge Adapter (USB-A), 1x Dual Adapter (Lightning + Micro USB), 1x Cable strap (free), 1x E-warranty card, friendly customer support

*Charby Pico is compatible with every country’s outlet.
*Both charge non-USB-C laptops with Laptop Tip Adapters
*Free AU/UK outlet converter of your choice per Charby Pico
*US Plug is silver color & EU Plug is gold color

RM199.00 RM399.00


12-Months Warranty


Receive in 3-14 Days


RoHS Certification


FCC Certification


CE Certification

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