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Master Key to Charge All Your Devices
charby edge pro 1

It's Your Next Level Charging Cable

Your One Cable for All Devices


Your One Cable for All Major Fast Charging

Charge All Your Devices at Full Speed

charby edge pro 2

With Detachable, Lockable Adapters

Like your own keys, you can remove any for the occasion and reattach when needed. So they will never get in your way, or be the extra carry weight.

charby edge pro 3
easy snap and remove
They detach and lock easily.You can borrow a friend, leave it aside,or even switch side — instantly.
Also give all your other cables the ability to charge every USB devices.
dual and edge key
secure edge pro
You won’t have to worry about any going missing. Because they lock-on securely.

Built with Incredible Quality

Longer for Comfortable Use

Why Pick Charby Edge Pro?

Charby Edge Pro vs Standard Cables


Had enough of messy cables? Charging can be so much simpler with the Master Key Charging Cable
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