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Orbit Car Mount Thumbnail
Orbit Car Mount N52 Neodymium Magnet
Orbit Car Mount 360 Rotation
Orbit Car Mount Charge & Mount
Why is Orbit the better MagSafe Car Mount

Orbit Car Mount – 360° Magsafe Car Mount for iPhone & Android

From US$15.99US$20.00

(73 customer reviews)

Made for distraction-free driving. Pick a destination. Then easily attach with 1 hand while focusing on the road. Its powerful magnets & solid construction keep your phone 100% still — even thru the bumpiest roads.

  • Anodized aluminum body for superior durability
  • 360° adjustable angle for seamless phone usage
    (Rotate to portrait or landscape anytime)
  • Mount with 1 hand using magnetic auto-align
  • Fall-proof with the strongest magnet (N52 Neodymium)
  • Easy & residue-free installation
    (Pre-attached with 3M VHB sticker. Just peel off & stick on car dashboard)

  • Materials: Aluminium, N52 Neodymium magnets, Silicone pad
  • Dimensions: 57 x 46 x 69mm | 2.24 x 1.81 x 2.72″
  • Base diameter: 39mm | 1.54"
  • Weight: 74g | 2.6oz
What's in the box
Orbit Car Mount x1 | 1x 3M VHB sticker (pre-applied) | 1x backup 3M sticker


iPhone 14/13/12 series

  • Can use directly without phone case
  • Use with MagSafe case
  • Add on Orbit Pad / Metal Ring & stick on normal case
Android / iPhone 11 & below
  • Add on Orbit Pad / Metal Ring & stick on normal case
  • Add-ons not suitable for fabric / heavily textured cases
For Charge & Mount, you'll need
  • MagSafe wireless charger + Metal Ring
  • Stick Metal Ring behind charger to attach it on top of any MagSafe mount / holder
For vehicle's dashboard
  • Ensure dashboard has suitable installation spot that's visible while driving
  • 3M tape adheres best to flat surfaces (at any angle)
  • 90° (or similar) surface may provide suboptimal viewing angle

FAQ | Shipping | Warranty

Can my phone use it?
Yes. Any iPhone and Android can use it.

Do I use it directly or with any add on accessories?
Use directly with iPhone 12 & newer series without casing OR with MagSafe case. For normal phone case, Android, or older iPhone, add on Orbit Pad / Metal Ring & stick it on your case to enable MagSafe attachment.

We process your order within 24 hours. You’ll receive tracking numbers by email in 1 – 2 business days. Shipping cost calculated at checkout.

This product is covered under 1 Year Warranty. Reach out to to get help or 1-to-1 replacement.

Primer (recommended)

Apply before installing car mount for stronger adhesion

12-Months Warranty

RoHS Certification

FCC Certification

CE Certification

Customer Reviews

Image #1 from Azali Aling
Azali Aling
Azali Aling


5 months ago
Image #1 from Anonymous

Helps me out alot

12 months ago
Image #1 from

The magnet is very strong. Very rare to find.

1 year ago
Image #1 from Wilson

Very suitable for MagSafe casing

1 year ago
Image #1 from

Magnet is very strong, use with magsafe case.
Product feels premium.

1 year ago
Image #1 from

sturdy, stick your phone on it and shake it really hard before mounting it, it won't fall off.

1 year ago
Image #1 from

Good quality and the magnet is quite strong that can hold up my iPhone 13 pro max.

1 year ago
Image #1 from

Pretty solid phone mount for MagSafe devices.
Works fine with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

1 year ago
Image #1 from Cheokliang

Very strong magnet. Works perfectly with MagSafe casing

1 year ago

73 reviews for Orbit Car Mount – 360° Magsafe Car Mount for iPhone & Android

  1. James Lim

    The quality of the holder is top notch. It’s heavy enough to withstand my large and heavy Samsung S23 Ultra. Moreover, they also supply additional 3M stickers so that you can remove an reattach the holder elsewhere.

  2. Matthew Tong

    Items arrived safely and the ball head is smooth! Definitely worth the money 🙂

  3. H H

    Very sturdy! Good quality and simple design. There is no logo so it looks nice when there is no phone attached. 🙂 love it!

  4. F C H

    Good magnetic connection. Well built and feels sturdy. Fast delivery.

  5. Siu Keong

    very good quality. Strong magnet
    Very fast delivery. Good packaging.

    Image #1 from Siu Keong
  6. RJ Salam

    Perfectly hold our phone (13p & 14p). Been longing for this type of phone holder. A great product!

    Image #1 from RJ Salam
  7. Edward Chuah

    Service was excellent, the build quality of the product is superb as well, just hope that the length of the stand can be longer or adjustable as some cars may not be suitable for this current shape and size.

  8. Alex Wha

    The magnet is very strong for how small the mount looks, the quality is definitely top notch. But sadly I’m using a leather case and using this car mount has left mark on my case. I would still recommend this product but if you’re using a leather case, maybe skip it unless you don’t mind the indent.

  9. Ling Men

    strong, but better stick on flat surface
    Fast shipping, highly recommended.
    All their product is quality yet economic.

    Image #1 from Ling Men
  10. Anna Yap

    Very happy with the product. Looks like good quality. The car Mount has a decent weight – it’s not plastic. Mount is small and does not take up a lot of space

    Image #1 from Anna Yap
  11. Anonymous

    Magnet has adequate strength. Metal build, quite sturdy. Stem/neck a bit shorter than expected.
    Overall satisfactory.

  12. Aaron

    Image #1 from Aaron
  13. Xiang

    Good magnet, works perfectly with MagSafe casing, good quality

  14. Sabdanam

    The 3m sticker is good. Really stick to surface. Recommend.

  15. Iffah

    Super strong magnet, phone doesn’t fall off even on a bumpy road, love the experience so far!

  16. Hanny

    High quality product. Very strong magnet.

    Image #1 from Hanny
  17. Swalla

    magnetic strong enough to hold phone
    Good product, build quality also good.

    Image #1 from Swalla
  18. Tham

    It really high quality product,really recomend to buy it,incase using magsafe case now can mount it and it hold it really strong

    Image #1 from Tham
  19. Anonymous

    Fast delivery. Product function well. Magnet quite strong enough to hold ip13pm.

    Magnet is very strong, use with magsafe case.
    Product feels premium.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  20. Saad

    Easy to use. Magnet quite strong. Reasonable prices. Fast delivery also

    Image #1 from Saad
  21. Anonymous

    Good product and very flexible as advertised. Quick delivery in good packing.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  22. Julius

    The magnet is super strong and work well with MagSafe even on bumpy roads. Have been looking for a good phone holder for a long time, this is the best so far.

  23. Miko

    High quality at par with other international brand. Good job Charby

    Image #1 from Miko
  24. Sean

    Great things to buy, worth the value.
    The magnet are strong, and easy to install.

    Image #1 from Sean
  25. Joy

    Great always, quality product. Support!

    Image #1 from Joy
  26. Ashikin

    Worth to buy ! I’m using it in car and at office too. It’s super easy to install and use.

  27. Bal

    Good quality, fast delivery.
    For magnetic car holder, make sure your car dashboard got at least small vertical surface to stick. Because pivot angle seems limited if stick at horizontal surface.

  28. Masni

    compact built, strong, not bulky just nice, looks expensive.

    Image #1 from Masni
  29. Ral

    this is my second purchase on this product.
    the quality still as good as last time
    after 8 mths of using it, still love it very much

    Image #1 from Ral
  30. Idris

    Awesome stuff with good quality item and fast delivery

    Image #1 from Idris
  31. Shahadlie

    Good product, very strong magnet. Good packaging, fast delivery.

    Image #1 from Shahadlie
  32. Amir

    Great service and great item. Magnet was strong and support magsafe & magsafe case as well . Happy with my purchase

    Image #1 from Amir
  33. Anonymous

    Received my order in great condition, well packaged. Delivery was quite fast. The mount works well as expected, the magnet held on very well to heavy phones like the Pro Max. Adjustability is also very good. Recommended product.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  34. Luna

    Definitely a great product and one of the best purchases I’ve made. Strong magnets, great packaging and excellent build quality. Am now interested in trying their other products in the future. I can confidently and proudly say this brand provides only the best to their customers. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best.

    Image #1 from Luna
  35. Maya

    Received in good condition and timely manner. The 3M sticker seems to be sticking well. The magnet also is strong enough and compatible with magsafe casing. Recommended

    Image #1 from Maya
  36. Yusof

    Really study and solid material. Haven’t yet try but believe it will turn out great. TQ for fast delivery and quality of the product really authentic

    Image #1 from Yusof
  37. Anonymous

    Received in good condition.

    In term of product, nice and solid material. I like the minimal design with solid metal. I’m looking for this kind of holder quite longer. Just hoping that the glue is strong enough to hold my phone since my phone is quite heavy and I have a lot of problems with my previous type of holder.

    Overall, I’m satisfied. Thumbs up!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  38. Mokhtar

    This is my repeat purchase. Very happy with the design of the car mount. Easy to install and very practical to use. Bought it for all my cars

    Image #1 from Mokhtar
  39. Izat

    strong magnet. happy with the product. trusted seller, can buy with confidence. even if it is out of stock you can assure the seller will definitely send to you. good job seller. overall product is good. can checkout in youtube for further detail. easily 5 star.

    Image #1 from Izat
  40. Ari K.

    It’s a great product. Sturdy and the magnet strength is good. My phone never drops while driving.

  41. Josh W

    Solid car mount. I know the struggle of putting you phone in your cup holder or crappy vent holder. This beats by comparison. The magnet is sturdy, hasn’t fallen while driving, the sticky pad is damn strong and I dont even have the whole base on a surface. My one gripe is the 360 reach. It’s 360 but it has a limit to how far you can go. Like I want to adjust down but I can’t even though theres more space. Up to u tho.

  42. Muhammad Imran Bin Abdul Hamid

    Working well so far. There are slim chances that it won’t hold and your phone will fall if you drove through a pothole/flyover expansion joints.

  43. Azali Aling


    Image #1 from Azali Aling
  44. Daisydee Alex

  45. Roger

    Good just don’t have a spot to put it on I’ve got a jeep wrangler jk and I’m stuck not sure where to mount it

  46. Anonymous

    Stand could be longer, or add a retractable stand. A bit hard to reach from seat position

  47. Evon Lee

    Item well received and working well in our car. 🙂

  48. Hamza Özer

  49. Ganesha

    Finally found the perfect magnet car mount! Phone holds strong on the magnet and easy to lift off the phone from the magnent. Purchased the magnet ring holder and the magsafe charger too which can be easily attached to car mount . Thank you!

  50. Tasriff

    Good quality. Sturdy and smooth when swivel

  51. Anonymous

  52. Amirah Amer

    strong, minimalist and aesthetic!!

  53. Adeline

    They fix it

  54. Foong Shang Chin

  55. Anonymous

    Helps me out alot

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  56. Anonymous

    The magnet is very strong. Very rare to find.

    Image #1 from
  57. Wilson

    Very suitable for MagSafe casing

    Image #1 from Wilson
  58. Terence

    Good quality

  59. Anonymous

    Magnet is very strong, use with magsafe case.
    Product feels premium.

    Image #1 from
  60. Anonymous

    sturdy, stick your phone on it and shake it really hard before mounting it, it won’t fall off.

    Image #1 from
  61. sim lei thong

    Car mount magnetic head can’t turn too much angle. Only suitable for wall unit, not suitable on desk board

  62. Anonymous

    Good quality and the magnet is quite strong that can hold up my iPhone 13 pro max.

    Image #1 from
  63. Anonymous

    Pretty solid phone mount for MagSafe devices.
    Works fine with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    Image #1 from
  64. Cheokliang

    Very strong magnet. Works perfectly with MagSafe casing

    Image #1 from Cheokliang
  65. rovers

    Good product. The adhesive sticker works well so far and the magnet is strong too

  66. nixamdy

    Very good product! Supprizing top quality and feels great to combined with Charby wireless charger. Fast shipping too. Definitely buying from you again

    Image #1 from nixamdy
  67. Anonymous

    Strong magnet. Can hold an iphone pro max without falling off. Just wish the angle can go lower.

    Image #1 from
  68. nurjalilahyaakob

    Im so happy with the quality of this product. Strong,durable material. Simple yet elegant. Magnet was strong. Can turn 360. Box included metal ring. Im using magsafe case, so no need metal ring. Come with great packaging. Awesome brand n product.

    Image #1 from nurjalilahyaakob
  69. Anonymous

    Im using Apple MagSafe case, magnet from ORBIT CAR MOUNT are super strong and i am surprised!! Worth ur money!!

    Image #1 from
  70. adweydom

    Not sure it will hold my phone if i using sabah/sarawak road surface, which is more bumpy. If west msia. Yes, i sure it will hold. The road over there much more better than here.

    Image #1 from adweydom
  71. Khairul

    Strong suction keeps it safe.

    Image #1 from Khairul
  72. Teoh Jeng Chieh

  73. Zane Chew

    Not tested yet, quality is good, able to grab the phone tight.

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