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Shipping Policy

1) There will be a reshipping fee if our courier service provider attempts to deliver to your address and the package is returned due to any of the following reasons:

i) the location you provided is inaccessible, ii) the shipment details, i.e., recipient, contact number, and address, are incorrect, iii) no one is available to receive or pick up the package in time, or iv) you have moved without any prior notice to us before the order is processed.

2) All delivery issues need to be reported within 30 days after the tracking number is provided. Otherwise, we won’t be able to trace the delivery and any loss won’t be covered. Support is available at

1. How long does it take to ship?

Upon checkout, we’ll process your order within 24 hours. Shipping arrangement may take 1 – 2 business days to complete. Once done, the tracking number will be emailed to you, and the shipping will begin. (See table below for ETA.)


i) Business day excludes weekend and holidays when fulfillment/courier staffs aren’t working.

ii) Delivery ETA may be delayed based on unforeseeable external factors such as peak season, holidays, pandemic, postal strikes, etc.

iii) The delivery of Orbit Power Bank may take extra 3 – 5 business days due to shipping regulation and custom.

Region Business day(s)
United States
8 - 12
1 - 3
Asia (Singapore, Japan, etc)
3 - 7
Europe (UK, Germany, etc)
5 - 12
Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, etc)
5 - 12
North & South America (Canada & Brazil)
5 - 12
Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc)
5 - 18
Everywhere else
5 - 18
Flat rate small pack
2 - 6 weeks
1 - 2 weeks
2 - 4 weeks
4 - 6 weeks
5 weeks
4 weeks
El Savador
8 weeks
4 - 7 weeks
3 - 4 weeks
3 - 8 weeks
South Korea
2 weeks
New Zealand
3 -5 weeks
8 weeks
1 - 6 weeks
4 weeks
4 weeks
Russian Federation
4 - 6 weeks
Saudi Arabia
5 - 6 weeks
United Arab Emirates
8 weeks
United States (Orbit Power Bank)
1 - 2 weeks

Why use flat rate small packs?

i) Economic
ii) Less likely to incur custom duty

However, with their lower costs, they also come with the following disadvantages:

i) Less descriptive tracking status
ii) Longer delivery time
iii) A small chance of requiring pick up from local post office


2. Special delivery requests

i) We’re unable to relay your delivery instructions to your local courier (e.g., deliver before a certain hour, etc) due to limitation in logistics’ system.

ii) If you need express shipping, please send your request to before placing an order.

iii) You may choose to have us ship to your forwarder in China (if any). However, if your order contains Nylon Hard Case (Large) or Charby Pico, we can only ship to forwarders in the US.

3. My package hasn't arrived for a long time

Please check your tracking status to make sure it’s not still being delivered. However, if the package is in transit for too long, please notify us at The estimated maximum working days needed for delivery for each region are shown in the table above.

4. The tracking number doesn't show anything!

i) For Canada & Netherlands: international registered mails will no longer show tracking information due to operational postal arrangements made by the Universal Postal Union. But rest assured that we’ve had many successful deliveries to these two countries.

However, if 20 working day has passed (starting from the delivery date), please visit your local post office to either inquire on the package or collect it as it could mean the first delivery attempt failed; note that uncollected item will be returned to sender after some time, and a second shipping fee will incur for redelivery. If your local post office doesn’t have the package, please inform us at

ii) For other countries: there might be a delay or system error; please inform us at

5. Tracking status shows delivered but I didn't have it

The first step is to visit your local post office to inquire on the package directly. If they couldn’t provide any acceptable information or solution, please notify us immediately at

6. Does my shipping fee already include import taxes/fee?

No, it doesn’t. However, we will do our best to ensure that the import fees will not be incurred; if it does incur, we will try to minimize it. Note that we won’t be able to cover any additional charges, which include but not limited to customs duty, import taxes, and additional surcharges imposed by local authorities.

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