Product FAQ

1. Is Charby Sense MFI certified?

It is tested to work with most iPhones. At the moment, it doesn’t have an MFI certification. All feature is fully functional with iPhone 5 (up to XS Max) and iPad.

2. What phones are compatible with Charby Sense?

Charby Sense can charge all devices. It supports QC3.0 & also fast charges most devices except proprietary fast charging for Oppo and Vivo phones, Huawei Mate 10 / P20, and MOTO Z Force.

3. Can it work with wireless charger?

Yes, we have tested Charby Sense with Samsung’s as well as several other’s wireless chargers. However, there are too many wireless chargers in the market so we are uncertain whether it will be compatible with yours. Additionally, Charby Sense will cut off power to the wireless charger completely after your device’s battery is full. So to charge again, you’ll have to either reset the power plug or press the button on Charby Sense and allowing it to charge again.

4. The LED colors, what do they even mean?

White: the power is on, but it isn’t charging; it can be due to either it’s not properly plugged in or it isn’t connected at all.

Orange: the cable is charging your device at optimal speed.

Pulsing Orange: the cable is charging at below 0.6A speed (slow charging). It, however, is normal for laptop-to-phone charging, which leads us to the next color.

Purple: Charge Booster mode is activated on laptop-to-phone charging; data transfer is disabled to double the charging speed. Press button to activate / deactivate it.

5. What does the button do?

Press once to disable data transfer on laptop-to-phone charging and double the charging speed, indicated by the Purple LED (also see Question 4). Press again to enable data transfer.

Long press for 2 seconds to disable auto cut off mode and vice versa. (Indicated by a transition from Green/Orange to White LED.

6. How long is Charby Sense?

1.2 meter / 4 feet. Tested as the most optimal length fit for many situations.

7. Will you make a longer Charby Sense?

Unfortunately, we’ll not be offering different length at the moment.

8. Will you make a USB-C to USB-C cable?

It’s in our plan for future products. We will announce its launch on Indiegogo, Facebook, & Instagram.

9. Why don't you make it cut off at 80% or give user control over cut off threshold?

While cutting off at 80% is ideal for maximum battery health, our interviews and tests with users show that many prefer to make full use of battery capacity; therefore, we decided to stick with the balance between battery health and convenience: making it cut off at 100%.

10. Will the charging resume some time after cutting off?

No. Charby Sense cuts off the power to your phone completely. Until you switch the power off and on again or disable the auto cut off feature by long pressing the power button for 2 seconds. Another long press will reactivate it.

11. Will Charby Sense's auto cut off feature interfere with a wall charger/phone's fast charging & auto cut off function?

No. Charby Sense acts as a normal USB cable, which is transparent to both wall charger and phone.

Additionally, the phone’s auto cut off functions differently from Charby Sense’s. The phone will cut off at 100% but trickle charges to maintain the charge level; Charby Sense cuts off the power to your phone completely after full charge is reached.

12. Isn't it harmful to charge beyond 80%?

Yes. The optimum battery level for maximum health is between 40% and 80%; however, through testings and users interviews, we find many prefer to make full use of battery’s capacity; therefore, we balance battery health and convenience by making it cut off at 100%.

13. Doesn't smartphone has its own auto cut off?

The phone’s auto cut off functions differently from Charby Sense’s. The phone will cut off at 100% but trickle charges to maintain the charge level; Charby Sense cuts off the power to your phone completely after full charge is reached.

14. Why cut-off?

Maintaining Lithium ion battery at high charge level for a prolonged period stresses it and thus, degrades its lifespan.

15. How can it boost charging speed. Isn't it dependent solely on the output

The charge booster function is for laptop-to-phone charging. Pressing it once will disable data transfer mode and double the charging speed, indicated by the Purple LED. Press again to enable data transfer. Connecting your phone to a laptop port will automatically turn on data transfer mode.

16. Why do you need a laptop Charge Booster?

Charging your phone on a laptop port is much slower because your phone is charging in data transfer mode, whereby your phone automatically requests for a lower charging current. What Charby Sense’s Charge Booster button does is disabling data transfer to allow your phone to automatically request for a higher current, thus doubling the charging speed. Macbook from Apple however usually produces a higher charging current as compared to other laptop brands, hence the charging speed will only increases slightly when Charge Booster is activated.

17. Does Charge Booster works on a wall chargers or power banks?

Charge Booster mode is only applicable when your device is plugged into USB port with data transfer capabilities such as those on laptops or car chargers. Charby Sense will have the fastest charging mode set by default when it is used on USB port which does not have data transfer capabilities such as those on wall chargers or power banks.

18. Why does the charging seems to have slowed down after I activated Charge Booster?

Some smartphone companies integrated proprietary charging system into their devices. The device uses the data lines of the cable to communicate with wall charger to enable fast charging capabilities. Pressing the button on Charby Sense cuts off the data communication capabilities, hence the proprietary wall charger will not deliver its maximum speed. Therefore, we advise against pressing the charge booster button when you are using a wall charger or power bank.

19. Too expensive. Changing a few batteries down the road is more economical!

In short term, changing batteries or even phone once a year stands as the wiser choice. It, however, doesn’t account for the hassles and inconveniences that long accompany it. The slowly but surely battery degradation will cut short your battery life significantly, which translates to lesser and lesser communication and entertainment time on your phone; its effect will be more strongly felt during your travels.

Besides giving you more smartphone time, it also saves time and money in the long run: you don’t need to go the extra mile to replace your built-in batteries frequently, which is inconvenient, and costs money and time. Not to mention the other features that remove many of your daily life charging hassles for you. Your time and energy are better spent elsewhere than to fuss over battery and charging problem.

20. How does the auto cut off works? / How long is needed to cut off?

It will cut off after the battery hits the actual full limit set by the manufacturer. Our testing shows the average time to be around 30 minutes and above (varies with battery capacity) after the battery indicator on the screen shows 100% level. Running battery draining app will further delay the cut off time. This is performed by our smart current sensing circuit.

21. If I use a converter to convert USB-A to USB-C, will it be able to support iPhone 8 & above's fast charge?

It cannot, unfortunately, even with the use of an adapter.

22. What is the maximum output for Charby Sense?

The maximum output is 2.4A; or in terms of watt, are 12W for Apple (without fast charging support) & 18W for Android.

23. What is the USB type of Charby Sense?

This cable has a USB-A to (Lightning/MicroUSB/USB-C) connection.

24. Charby Sense is much more expensive than other cable with auto cut off. Why?

While other auto cut off cables come at a cheaper cost, Charby Sense is designed to solve more than just battery lifespan problem in our daily life.

i) Going places without power socket and laptop charges too slow: press Charge Booster button to double the speed.

ii) Always forget to power on after plugging charger into phone: inform you of charging status all the time through its LED indicator

iii) Unkowingly using a slower power source throws off your planning for the day: pulses in orange LED to alert you of below optimum charging speed.

iv) Cable body breaks way too frequently: cable body is reinforced with Aramid fiber tripling its strength.

v) Wasting your time by often untangling cable: nylon-braided body eliminates this problem entirely.

Additionally, Charby Sense uses a higher grade copper wire, which is comparable with original cable’s quality.

25. Is Charby Sense a data cable or a charging cable?

It is both. It, however, can switch to full charging mode for laptop-to-phone connection, which doubles the charging speed at the cost of data transfer. Press the button on the side to activate/deactivate charge booster mode.

26. Is Charby Sense a data cable or a charging cable?

Yes. It supports Qualcomm QC2.0 and QC3.0, as well as Samsung Adaptive fast charging. However, it does not support proprietary charging such as Oppo VOOC Flash Charge, Huawei SuperCharge and Oneplus Dash Charge.

27. Does auto cutoff feature works on wall chargers or power banks?

Yes. The auto cutoff feature works on all USB ports, including car charger, wall charger, power bank and laptop.

28. Will Charby Sense cutoff when I’m transferring or tethering data?

Charby Sense features a unique mode for these situations. Simply long press on the button on Charby Sense, and it will temporary turn off its auto cutoff mode. The mode will reset once the power supply goes off.

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