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Orbit Infinity MagSafe Mount & Stand
MagSafe Mount for Monitor, Desk, Wall, Bottle, Fridge, Gym, Tripod
Orbit Infinity Mount in Portrait, Landscape, & Continuity Camera mode
Orbit Infinity Mount also a portable desk stand
Flexible and Adjustable MagSafe Mount
Strong MagSafe Mount with built-in Tripod lock
MagSafe Monitor Mount for iPad, Tablet, & iPhone
Orbit Infinity Mount made of strong aluminum
Orbit Infinity Mount for iPhone, Android, and iPad

Orbit Infinity Mount – MagSafe Portable Stand & Monitor, Tripod, Wall, Tesla Mount for iPhone & Android

From US$3.99US$5.00

Watch TikTok, Netflix, and shoot content wherever your life takes you. Because this phone holder sticks everywhere. Shower, Fridge, Gym, Tripod, and Laptop as a workstation. Or on its own  — as a portable desk stand. With the flexibility to detach, adjust, or flip around as webcam anytime.

  • Turn every place into mount*
  • Portable desk stand
    (attach to phone & unfold to use anywhere)
  • Portrait, Landscape or Shoot Videos (reverse)
  • Saves space when not used
    (folds in & out up to 270°)
  • Holds iPhone, Android & Tablet*
  • Strongest N52 Neodymium magnets
  • Secure lock for mount
    (strong magnets + interlocking mechanism)

*More info in Compatibility & FAQ


  • Full extended size: 153 x 57 x 2.7mm | 6 x 2.2 x 0.1"
  • Folded size: 78 x 57 x 5.3mm | 3 x 2.2 x 0.2"
  • Weight: 46g | 1.6oz
  • Materials: Aluminium, N52 Neodymium magnets, Frosted Polycarbonate PC
  • Mount / Tablet Adapter: 60mm (2.3") diameter | 1mm (0.04”) thickness
What's in the box
  • Mount Set: Orbit Infinity Mount x 1 / 2 | Mount Adapter x 1 / 2
  • Tablet Set: Orbit Infinity Mount x 2 | Mount Adapter x 2 (stick on laptop) | Tablet Adapter x 2 (stick on tablet)
  • Extra Adapters: Mount Adapter x 2 | Extra Nano gel pad x 2


iPhone 14/13/12 series

  • Can use directly without phone case
  • Use with MagSafe case
  • Add on Orbit Pad / Metal Ring & stick on normal case
Android / iPhone 11 & below
  • Add on Orbit Pad / Metal Ring & stick on normal case
  • Add-ons not suitable for fabric / heavily textured cases
Direct attachment (no add-on needed)
  • Surface with iron: gym equipment, fridge
  • Tripod / selfie stick (screw size 1/4 - 20 type)
  • Desk (any flat horizontal surface)
With Mount Adapter
  • Tesla's monitor, MacBook, monitor, laptop (continuity camera)
  • Wall, mirror, any vertical surface
  • Water bottle with >61mm flat top (stability depend on bottle’s weight)
For Charge & Mount, you'll need
  • Orbit Wireless Charger 2 (no add on needed)
  • MagSafe wireless charger + Metal Ring (stick behind charger to attach it on top of Orbit Infinity Mount)

FAQ | Shipping | Warranty

Can my phone use it?
Yes. Any iPhone and Android can use it.

Does Infinity Mount stick to my phone directly or with add-on accessories?
It sticks directly to iPhone 12 & newer series without casing OR with MagSafe case. For normal phone case, Android, or older iPhone, add on Orbit Pad / Metal Ring & stick it on your case to enable MagSafe attachment.

How do I mount my phone on a tripod or selfie stick?
Make sure your tripod or selfie stick's screw size is 1/4 - 20 type. Then just tighten Infinity Mount onto it through its screw hole in the middle.

How do I use Infinity Mount with tablet or iPad?

  • Choose the [Tablet Set]
  • Install 2 Mount Adapter (with pegs) on laptop
  • Install 2 Tablet Adapter (no pegs) on tablet align straight with Mount Adapter
  • Snap 2 Infinity Mount on laptop's adapters ➜ snap tablet onto Infinity Mounts

What is nano gel pad for?
It lets Mount Adapter stick to curved OR uneven surfaces / change location after installation. To use: Peel off Adapter's 3M cover ➜ Stick nano pad on Adapter ➜ and your Mount Adapter is now removable anytime.

We process your order within 24 hours. You’ll receive tracking numbers by email in 1 – 2 business days. Shipping cost calculated at checkout.

What does the 1 Year Warranty cover​?
It covers manufacturing defects of Infinity Mount. It doesn't cover Mount Adapter, Tablet Adapter, 3M Sticker, and Nano gel pad.

12-Months Warranty

RoHS Certification

FCC Certification

CE Certification

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