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Orbit Pad - Dual-Function MagSafe Sticker & Mount Magnetic Pad

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  • Mount with magnetic auto-alignment
  • Enable MagSafe for all Androids & iPhones
  • Through case wireless charging
  • Mount your phone anywhere
  • Fall-proof mount with the strongest N52 magnet
  • Durable & smooth vegan leather protection

*Compatible with all MagSafe accessories.
*Includes 1x Nano gel pad & 1x 3M Sticker.
*2 Orbit Pads are needed to mount.

Dimensions: 2.38″ (60.5mm) diameter | 0.09″ (2.3mm) thickness


12-Months Warranty


RoHS Certification


FCC Certification


CE Certification



Orbit Pad

Dual-Function MagSafe Sticker & Mount Magnetic Pad

Mount Anywhere & Wireless Charge Instantly

Stick Orbit Pad on any surface — car dash, kitchen, bathroom — and your phone will mount on it in a single effortless click. And when paired with Orbit Wireless Charger (or MagSafe Charger), it aligns the charger with your phone’s charging coil precisely for faster wireless charging.

The Most Secure Magnet

It’s embedded with N52 Neodymium magnets, the strongest magnet on Earth, to keep your phone secure even on bumpy rides.

Adds MagSafe to Any Phones

You can stick it to all phones or casings. and instantly make them compatible with all MagSafe accessories including MagSafe Chargers.

Minimal & Slim

With a minimal design & slim body, it blends in perfectly no matter what phone or surface it’s on.

Durable & Comfortable

It’s fully covered by high-quality vegan leather, making it spill & scratch-proof, durable, and pleasingly smooth to the touch.

Dimension and Weight:

60.5mm (2.38″) diameter x 2.3mm (0.09″) thickness | 45g (1.58oz)

What’s in the box:

1x Orbit Pad, 1x nano gel pad, 1x 3M sticker, 1x alignment paper

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