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MagSafe Metal ring for iPhone, Android, & Wireless Charger (2-Pack)

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  • Allow Orbit Wireless Charger to magnetically attach onto MagSafe/Orbit accessories*¹
  • Enable MagSafe for any phones
  • Precise auto-positioning for faster wireless charging
  • Durable stainless steel & premium finishing
  • Ultra thin & lightweight (0.4mm thickness)
  • No phone signal interference

*Includes 1x Metal ring (Silver) & 1x Metal ring (Black).
*Includes 1x Protective sticker to attach it onto phone or case.
*¹ Attachable Orbit accessories: stand, car mount, side mount, kickstand wallet, & ring holder.

Dimensions: 2.15″ (54.7mm) diameter | 0.01″ (0.4mm) thickness


RoHS Certification


FCC Certification


CE Certification

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