Charging Phone Overnight: The Real Reason It's Bad

GaN Charger

Gallium Nitride: The Secret Behind Future Chargers

Behind a new generation of smaller, but more powerful charger… Is Gallium Nitride It will be the reason why you don’t have to carry brick-like chargers anymore… To be frank, silicon is why chargers are so big, thanks to its electrical and heat properties (or limit). Over the past decades, manufacturers have been laboring themselves

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charging overnight

Charging Phone Overnight: The real reason it’s bad

Smartphones are now so integral to our daily life. So much so that their batteries couldn’t ever keep up with our daytime needs. (Why can’t we get better batteries already!?) Which leads to charging phone overnight. Because what’s a better time to recharge than when we’re sleeping? But then the paranoia and fear come hailing

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Battery Drain Too Fast? The Solutions Are In Your Phone

We’ve all been there: having our phones dying on us outdoor just when we need them the most; GPS, emergency calls, you name it. It happens ever so often that we wonder if there are any leaks in our batteries or invisible vampires sucking up the phones’ juices. Whatever it may be, it all just

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Will Wireless Charging Actually Replace Wired Charging?

Will Wireless Charging Actually Replace Wired Charging? The question of whether wireless charging will replace wired charging is not as straightforward as it sounds. The question of when and if wireless charging will become common depends on your perspective as a consumer of the technology. If you’re a critic of wireless technology, then it’s a

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Will Magnetic Accessories Affect Your Smartphone?

Will Magnetic Accessories Affect Your Smartphone? This question can be best approached by examining how magnets affect smartphones. This effect, as we’ll find out later, depends on the strength of the magnet. It’s also important to know what parts of the smartphone are affected by magnetic fields and to what extent do magnetic fields damage

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What Causes Phone Battery Explosion?

Phone batteries are called Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion battery) which is abbreviated as LIB.  They are rechargeable and are constructed with three components, which are positive electrodes, negative electrodes, and electrolyte. Commercially, the materials used for the three components are: The positive electrode used for construction is a metal oxide, which is either a layered oxide,

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