ORBIT Magnetic Ecosystem

Charge, Mount, & Everything in 1 Second

Snap On Anything

Every accessory snaps to your phone quickly and accurately, every time.

And it works on every phone: Android, iPhone X, or even 13.

Add MagSafe to your device & access all MagSafe accessory

Step 1

Choose your MagSafe Sticker

Orbit Pad. The premium option.

A MagSafe sticker. A wall mount. Has high-quality vegan leather & the strongest magnet.


• Magnetic auto-align
• Through case wireless charging
• Fall-proof mount with the strongest magnet (N52)
• Durable & smooth vegan leather exterior
• Free 3M sticker & Nano gel pad for installation


Dimensions: 2.38″ (60.5mm) diameter | 0.09″ (2.3mm) thickness


Get 2 & save $2.50 | Get 3 & save $5

Step 1

Choose your MagSafe Sticker

Orbit Pad 2. The premium option.

A MagSafe sticker. Has high-quality vegan leather & the strongest magnet.


  • Stick on phone/case & enable MagSafe (compatible with all iPhones & Android)
  • Allow through case wireless charging
  • Accurately auto-align to MagSafe accessories
  • Super secure attachment with N52 magnets
  • New improved 1.8mm thinness (boost wireless charging efficiency)

*Works with all MagSafe accessories

Dimensions: 2.36″ (60mm) diameter | 0.07″ (1.8mm) thickness

Get 2 & save $2.99 | Get 3 & save $5.48

Metal ring. The affordable option.

A MagSafe sticker. Also allows wireless charger to dock on other Orbit accessories for dock & charge.


• Magnetic auto-align
• Durable stainless steel & premium finishing
• Ultra-thin & lightweight (0.4mm thickness)
• No phone signal interference
• Comes in 2-Pack (Silver & Black)


Get 2 & save $1 | Get 3 & save $2

Orbit Pad vs Metal ring
Orbit Pad vs Metal ring

Step 2

Enjoy Any Orbit Accessories

Comfortable wireless charging with Orbit Wireless Charger

Fast & Comfortable Wireless Charging

Snap to your phone. And start charging instantly. MagSafe magnets auto-aligns so it's charging faster too. And gripping in portrait or landscape mode is equally comfortable.

Mount Everywhere

Effortlessly mount from car, to living room, kitchen and more.

Because snapping on or off only takes 1 second.




What Customers Say

Orbit Magnetic Ecosystem 1



Strong suction keeps it safe.

Orbit Magnetic Ecosystem 2



Orbit pad definitely makes holding phone a lot simpler in my house.

Orbit Magnetic Ecosystem 3

Tana P.


I keep a few cards in it and it’s still quite slim. It also comes with its own stand so not having to keep a separate thing is a plus.

Orbit Magnetic Ecosystem 4



Item received in great condition. Good quality with sturdy ring.

Orbit Magnetic Ecosystem 5



Im loving these pads. They make following cooking video super easy.

Orbit Magnetic Ecosystem 6

Rui Sheng


Worth it! It’s easy to stick and remove and rotate vertically and horizontally.The finishing feels premium too. 

Orbit Magnetic Ecosystem 7



I personally love these! I can mount my phone as fast as 1 second! 

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