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Warranty & Return

1. Product(s) Purchased Online & in Retail Stores

All product must first be registered for E-Warranty before any claim can be made.

  • To register, i) scan QR code on the warranty card provided in the packaging or ii) visit
  • To obtain warranty service, visit the E-Warranty page and click on the “Claim” button. You can then claim warranty by providing the needed information listed therein.

Charby reserves the right to void the warranty if the claim is made after the warranty period or does not fulfill the conditions stated herein this Warranty.

Should Charby deem it necessary to return the defective product(s), you must deliver the product(s) to the address specified by Charby and thereafter provide Charby with the tracking number before a replacement(s) can be issued. (See Returns Policy.) For online support, please contact

2. Warranty Condition

Charby warrants that this Product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year starting from the date of delivery. In the event Charby determines, in its sole discretion, that the Product suffers from material defects in manufacture and does not substantially conform to the published specifications under normal use within the Warranty Period, Charby will, at its option: (i) repair the Product at no charge with a new or refurbished components or (ii) replace the Product with a new or refurbished Product upon return of the defective Product. In the event Charby determines, in its sole discretion, that reparation or replacement is not suitable, Charby may provide compensation in the form of digital credit for the remaining duration of the warranty period. Any replacement product will be warranted for the remainder of the returned unit’s original warranty period or 30 calendar days, whichever is longer. Charby reserves the rights to amend or substitute the means of warranty at its sole discretion without prior notice.

3. Warranty Limitations

The warranty stated herein shall not apply if: (i) the Product was purchased from unauthorized resellers; (ii) the Product was not used in accordance with any accompanying instructions; (iii) the Product was not used for its intended function and environment; (iv) the Product has been modified, repaired, or opened intentionally by any party other than Charby; (v) any defects or damages caused by wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to moisture, dampness or corrosive environments, improper installation, incorrect voltage application, food or liquid spillage, natural disaster or other external causes.

4. Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by law, Charby does not assume any liability for the loss or damage resulting from the purchase, use or misuse of, or inability to use the Product or from the breach of the express warranty, including incidental, special, consequential or similar damages, or loss of anticipated profits or benefits. Charby’s liability shall be limited to the purchase value of the product.

5. Returns and Replacements:

Returns and replacements are only valid for the following reasons:

1) The product(s) is deemed defective within the warranty period by Charby or any of its authorized resellers. The returned product(s) must be in either its original packaging or other packaging providing adequate protection.

2) The product(s) received differs from what was ordered. The customer must contact Charby within 30 days of receiving the product(s), and the returned product(s) must be in the original condition as delivered (with all its content intact and the packaging unopened).

The product(s) is to be returned to the address specified by Charby or authorized resellers. Please contact or authorized resellers for more information.

The shipping expenses of returning the product(s) will be borned by Charby if either of the above 2 scenarios is fulfilled.

6. Refunds

No refund or change of mind under any circumstances is permitted.

7. Warranty for Partnered Products

Warranty for all partnered products will be covered by each respective brand. Refer to the list below for their customer support:

1. TAGLa (TAG La V2):

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