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Orbit Wireless Charger - 15W MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charger

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  • Charge with magnetic auto-alignment
  • Universal 15W Qi charging (for Androids & iPhones)
  • 24% faster than Apple MagSafe Charger (Internal lab test)
  • Sturdy & light aluminum body
  • Durable & smooth vegan leather protection
  • MagSafe-compatible

*Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices (Androids & iPhones).
*USB-C connector input.
*For non-MagSafe devices, add-on Orbit Pad for magnetic auto-alignment.
*For optimal wireless charging efficiency, use cases less than 2mm thickness.

Dimensions: 2.35″ (59.8mm) diameter | 0.24″ (6.1mm) thickness



12-Months Warranty


RoHS Certification


FCC Certification


CE Certification



Orbit Wireless Charger

15W Magnetic Wireless Charger

Charge in a Snap

Magnets snap it to your phone’s wireless charging coil precisely. No adjusting, no aiming — you literally start charging in one snap.

Slim & Comfortable

Its slim body lets you grip comfortably. And without a cable stuck in the phone’s port, you can switch between streaming and scrolling social media. They’re equally comfortable.

Fastest 15W Qi Charging

Orbit Wireless Charger charges up to 15W for all Qi-enabled phones, including iPhones and Android devices. Thanks to improved efficiency, which thus reduces heat generation, it’s even tested to be 24% faster than Apple MagSafe Charger.

Sturdy & Light Aluminum Body

Aluminum is both durable and lightweight. And thanks to its superior thermal conductivity, Orbit Wireless Charger also dissipates heat more effectively while wirelessly charging.

High-quality Vegan Leather

Adds a durable, scratch-proof layer that’s also pleasingly smooth to the touch.

Dimension and Weight:

59.8mm (2.35″) diameter x 6.1mm (0.24″) thickness


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