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Charby Sense

No such thing as too convenient

Charby Sense 1
auto cutoff feature

Protect Your Battery - all by itself

After a long day, forget about battery care. Just plug in and relax. Charby Sense will completely cut off charging for you. And your phone will be perfectly ready for the next big day — without harming battery life every night.

Charby Sense 2

Auto Cutoff at Full Battery

Charby Sense 3

Longer Battery Life

Durability that WOWS

Frequently breaking cables is a hair-pulling experience. And we can’t afford to lose anymore hair. So we made sure to build Charby Sense with incredibly robust materials. You can carry it, use it everywhere every day – and never worry that one day it will break apart.

Charby Sense 4

1200D+ Aramid Fiber Reinforced

Charby Sense 5

Tangle-Free Nylon-braided

Charby Sense 6

Hard-tested in Lab

Its tensile strength is pushed to the extreme in the lab. It's proven to withstand over a whopping 15,000 bends. This cable is constructed with braided nylon and DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre.

DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Charby Sense 7
Charby Sense 8

Faster Charging in Every Situation

It charges fast normally. Prevents you from using a super slow charger. And when outlet’s not available, a single button 2x your charging speed from the typically-slow laptop USB port.

Charby Sense 9

Emergency Charge Booster

Charby Sense 10

18W Fast Charging

Charby Sense 11

Slow Charging Alert

If the LED blinks, you'll know it's very slow.

Charby Sense 12

Quick Charge 3.0 & More

The "Deluxe" Convenience Package

Its length is just “right”. Helps you reach places that original cables couldn’t. But never like a python has just invaded your space. Has an All-Telling LED design. And lastly, a reversible USB that connects EVERY TIME.

Charby Sense 13

Thoughtful LEDs

5 different modes tell you everything. No more facepalm moments.

Charby Sense 14

Perfect Length

Charby Sense 15

Reversible Connector

Charby Sense 16

There's One for You

Apple & Android compatible devices

Have questions about compatibility? Ask our app or email

Begone, Charging Hassles!

Charby Sense 17

Product Specification

Charby Sense 18

Welcome your new hassle-free life. No more fragile cables, short battery life, or “the heck, it didn’t charge at all!”

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