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Charby Swift 1

Charby Swift Power Bank (10000mAH)

Anodized Aluminium Shell. Power Delivery. Charges 3 Devices At Once.

Beauty Without Compromise

Charby Swift 2
Aluminium shell anodized for a sleek, richer metallic look. Enhanced resistance against your everyday wear and tear.
Charby Swift 3

Corrosion & Wear Resistance

Charby Swift 4


Charby Swift 5


Charby Swift 6

Comfortable in Hand



Power Bank Power Delivery

Charby Swift – 18W

Standard Apple Charger

Standard Apple Charger – 5W

Charby Swift 7
Charby Swift 8

Charges 50% in the first 30 minutes.

Charby Swift 9

Charges 20% in the first 30 minutes.

*Tested on iPhone XR in lab; actual usage may vary.

Charby Swift 10
Flight Compatible Power Bank

Slim & Flight-compatible (30Wh)

It’s 14.5 mm slim. It fits in your pocket, bag, and right in your palm. What’s more you can carry it on flight too.

One Charge Powers a Trip

iPhone chargeable times

Housing 10,000 mAh, it’s got more than enough to fully charge your phone multiple times.

*Lab test results; actual usage may vary.

Elegant Outside. Intelligent Inside.

Charby Swift 11

Overheat Protection

Charby Swift 12

Input & Output Overvoltage Protection

Charby Swift 13

Incorrect Insertion Protection

Charby Swift 14

PTC Protection

Charby Swift 15

Short Circuit Protection

Charby Swift 16

Overcharge & Over-discharge Protection

Charby Swift 17

Reset Mechanism

Compatible with Most Fast Charging Protocols

Supports Power Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and fast charging for Apple, Samsung, XiaoMi & More.
Power Bank compatible devices
Charby Swift 18

Charge 3 Devices at Once

Because nothing’s happier than sharing and spending time together. Every trip with Charby Swift is a party.
Charby Swift 19

Faster Recharging

Because there’s no point in lightning-fast charging if it takes a third of your day away to refill itself.
Charby Swift 20

Charby Swift

Recharge with
Charby Swift 21

Power Delivery

Charby Swift 22

Quick Charge 3.0

Charby Swift 23

18 W

Full Charge in
Charby Swift 24
Charby Swift 25
Other Brand
Recharge with
Charby Swift 26

Standard 5W

Full Charge in
Charby Swift 27

One Glance is All You Need

Intuitive & simple way to know how much power is left.
Charby Swift 28
Charby Swift 29

Best Among the Best

Charby Swift 30

Product Compatibility & Specification

Charby Swift 31
Power Bank Specifications
Don’t let your short battery life spoil your day out Having a slim, fast charging power bank in hand makes a difference
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