Charby Swift 10000 – Power Delivery Portable Charger

RM176.00 RM155.00

– 10000mAH capacity portable charger
– USB-C Power Delivery (PD)
– Qualcomm QC 3.0 fast charging

– Small pocket-sized
– Support fast charge for iPhone, iPads, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and charge Nintendo Switch & USB-C laptops

* ONLY CAN SHIP TO THESE COUNTRIES: United States, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia


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Charby Swift 8

12-Months Warranty

Charby Swift 9

Receive in 3-14 Days

Charby Swift 10

RoHS Certification

Charby Swift 11

FCC Certification

Charby Swift 12

CE Certification

Charby Swift 13

Charby Swift Power Bank (10000mAH)

Anodized Aluminium Shell. Power Delivery. Charges 3 Devices At Once.

Beauty Without Compromise

Charby Swift 14
Aluminium shell anodized for a sleek, richer metallic look. Enhanced resistance against your everyday wear and tear.
Charby Swift 15

Corrosion & Wear Resistance

Charby Swift 16


Charby Swift 17


Charby Swift 18

Comfortable in Hand



Charby Swift 19

Slim & Flight-compatible (30Wh)

Packing 10000mAH capacity in a slender 14.5mm body. And it’s got enough to charge your iPhone XR 3 times over.

Elegant Outside. Intelligent Inside.

Charging smart also means charging safely. Keeping you and your loved ones safe will never go out of style

Charby Swift 20

Overheat Protection

Charby Swift 21

Input & Output Overvoltage Protection

Charby Swift 22

Incorrect Insertion Protection

Charby Swift 23

PTC Protection

Charby Swift 24

Short Circuit Protection

Charby Swift 25

Overcharge & Over-discharge Protection

Charby Swift 26

Reset Mechanism

Compatible with Most Fast Charging Protocols

Supports Power Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and fast charging for Apple, Samsung, XiaoMi & More.
Charby Swift 27
Charby Swift 28

Charge 3 Devices at Once

Because nothing’s happier than sharing and spending time together. Every trip with Charby Swift is a party.
Charby Swift 29

Faster Recharging

Because there’s no point in lightning-fast charging if it takes a third of your day away to refill itself.
Charby Swift 30
Charby Swift
Recharge with
Charby Swift 31

Power Delivery 3.0

Charby Swift 32

Quick Charge 3.0

Charby Swift 33

18 W

Full Charge in
Charby Swift 34
Charby Swift 35
Other Brand
Recharge with
Charby Swift 36

Standard 5W

Full Charge in
Charby Swift 37

One Glance is All You Need

Intuitive & simple way to know how much power is left.
Charby Swift 38
Charby Swift 39

Best Among the Best

Compare Swift with other big brands in the market
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