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ORBIT Magnetic Wireless Charging & Mount Bundle

[Charge & Mount in 1 Second]: with magnetic auto-align, you can wirelessly charge & mount in just a quick snap. No effort required.

[MagSafe for any phone]: add Orbit Pad to any Android or iPhone, and it’ll be instantly compatible with every MagSafe charger, wallet, and other accessories.

[Fastest 15W Qi Charging]: Orbit Wireless Charger charges up to 15W for all Qi-enabled phones.

[Mount anywhere]: stick Orbit Pad on any surface — car dash, kitchen, bathroom — and your phone will mount on it in a single effortless click.

[Strongest magnet on Earth]: Orbit Pad is embedded with N52 Neodymium magnets. It’ll keep your phone secure even on bumpy rides.

Best Used With:
[Orbit Stand]: make multi-tasking easy while working. It’s 360° rotatable, and you can snap Orbit Wireless Charger on it to charge & dock simultaneously too.

[Edge Adapter]: plug it onto Orbit Wireless Charger to make it compatible with older USB-A wall chargers.

[Adhesive Kit]: extra 3x nano gel pad & 3x 3M tape for those who need more adhesives as backups.

*Each Orbit Pad comes with 1x nano gel pad & 1x 3M tape.
*At least 2 Orbit Pads are needed to mount.
*Orbit Wireless Charger comes with a USB-C connector.
*For non-wireless charging phones, Orbit Pad enables every MagSafe accessory except charger and power bank.


RB-WK Thumbnail B
Orbit Wireless Charger - 15W Magnetic Wireless Charger
USD19.00 USD29.00
RB-PK Thumbnail A
Orbit Pad - Dual-Function MagSafe Sticker & Mount Magnetic Pad
USD9.00 USD15.00
RB-SK Thumbnail
Orbit Stand - 360° Adjustable MagSafe Stand
USD17.00 USD25.00
Edge Key Adapter
USB-C to Laptop Tip Adapter - Edge Key
USD4.99 USD12.00
Adhesive Kit
Adhesive Kit (for Orbit Pad)

12-Months Warranty


RoHS Certification


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CE Certification

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