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ORBIT Magnetic Wireless Charging & Mount Bundle 1
Orbit Wireless Charger
Orbit Magnetic Auto Align
Orbit Metal Ring for wireless charger
Orbit Car Mount N52 Neodymium Magnet
Orbit Side Mount Charge & Mount
Orbit Kickstand Wallet Stand & Charge
Charge From USB-C & A port

ORBIT Magnetic Wireless Charging & Mount Bundle

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  • Charge, Mount, Dock with Magnetic Auto-Align
  • Enable MagSafe for any phone
  • Universal 15W Qi charging
  • Tested 24% faster than Apple MagSafe Charger
  • Mount your phone anywhere
  • Fall-proof mount with the strongest magnet
  • Seamlessly snap your phone on any Orbit accessories


  • Orbit Stand to multi-task on your work desk
  • Orbit Car Mount for safe & easy navigation
  • Orbit Side Mount to turn your laptop & phone into a workstation
  • Orbit Kickstand Wallet for cash & cards storage and kickstand
  • Orbit Ring Holder for a sturdy grip & on-demand stand
  • Metal ring to stack Orbit Wireless Charger on other Orbit accessories (dock & charge)
  • Edge Adapter for compatibility with USB-A chargers
  • Adhesive Kit (extra 3x nano gel pad & 3x 3M sticker)

*1x free metal ring already provided with each Orbit Stand & Orbit Car Mount.
*1x nano gel pad & 1x 3M sticker provided with each Orbit Pad.
*At least 2 Orbit Pads are needed to mount.
*For non-wireless charging phones, Orbit Pad enables every MagSafe accessory except charger and power bank.
*Orbit Wireless Charger comes with a USB-C connector.
*For optimal wireless charging efficiency, use cases less than 2mm thickness.

12-Months Warranty

RoHS Certification

FCC Certification

CE Certification

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